Blue Plaid M

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Availability All gear is sewn to order. Allow 2 weeks for manufacture.
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This pair of Blue Plaid was returned for sizing.  I have cleaned and inspected the item.

Blue Plaid is a shiny blue, orange, white and black print on top of a white fabric.  This print can be worn casual or as a slightly more formal 'Smart-Casual' look. Pair them with a dress shirt and a smart pair of shoes and you can wear these tights anywhere.  They are made of Polyester so they are strong and resist snags.  

These tights come with all the JS-Features you expect:

  • Strong vibrant fabric with a great shine
  • High back and 4-way stretch fabric ensure coverage in all forward bending positions 
  • Front pouch keeps it where you put it
  • Low-rise front allows your belly to hang over comfortably if needed
  • Sport waistband is anti-roll and will stay sturdy throughout class
  • Opaque, wet and dry

Note:  This fabric has a little less stretch than many of my other fabrics.