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6 Tights Fashion Tips - Transition from jeans to tights

6 Tights Fashion Tips - Transition from jeans to tights

Styling tights for everyday wear is as simple as styling jeans.  However, along with the range of colors you can choose, there are some extra things to think about when styling leggings.  Here are 6 tights fashion tips that will help you or your man transition from jeans to tights.   These are general guidelines to get you started, not 'Rules'.  Your world is yours and y…
Fabric makes a difference

Fabric makes a difference

Do you have a favorite pair of tights? Do you have many of the same brand/style in different colors? Have you tried that same pair lounging at home, but aren't impressed? You are not alone. When it comes to tights, there isn't one pair that is perfect all of the time. One pair may be perfect for your workout but uncomfortable at home.  Fabric content changes everything. In this blog post I…