10 Steps for Men to Wear Tights as Fashion - Conquering Your Demons

I want to wear tights in public but I'm scared. This article lists the 10 steps you can take to incorporate tights into your personal fashion and conquer the demons that are stopping you.  

We all have an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other telling you what to do and what not to do. I think it is that little devil that is telling you that there is something wrong with your tights. If you want to wear your tights in public follow these 10 steps.

It is normal to do some of the steps many times before you are comfortable moving on to the next step. It may take you all summer, or it may take you a week. By the time you get to the end, you will wonder why you were so hesitant in the first place.

1.  Listen

Put on something you have worn dozens of times before and go to any public place you like to hang out.  Anywhere, except a library will work.  As you are going about your business listen to the people around you.   They laugh, they giggle, point, look at their phones and have fun all around you.  

2.  Get a pair of tights

Black tights are the easiest for beginners.  Black is slimming and it hides some of the curves of your body that you may be self conscious about.  It also makes your bulge less apparent, which will make you less self-conscious.   Even though black may not be your final goal, it will make the initial steps much easier for you.  

3.  Wear tights around the house

The people who love you are at home.  They are the ones that will make comments on your new fashion choice.   Tell your family it is a fashion you want to try and go for it.  Their comments will likely be the last and most honest you will ever hear.  I almost guarantee it.  Get up in the morning, throw on a pair of tights an go about your day at home.  Clean, play games, have family meals, cook, just relax and be comfortable. 

Your family can be instrumental in your fashion breakthrough.  For any of the following steps, if family is with you it will help you feel more comfortable than if you are alone.  It doesn't have to be the topic of conversation, or even acknowledged.  Having them there will inherently make you feel more part of the crowd.

If you have a hard time with excitability this is a great time to desensitize yourself before you go out in public.  I acknowledge that some guys are moving from tights fetish to tights fashion.  I applaud you for being who you are, and pulling something you enjoy into your day-to-day life.  Be you, its important.  Just remember, there is no room for erectile excitement in tights fashion. Consider it a 'wardrobe malfunction' and avoid it.

4.  Go outside and get the mail

Wear your tights to outside and get the mail and come back.  This is likely your first public appearance, make it brief and just like your routine.  This step is not about others seeing you, rather its about you facing the fear of others seeing you.  If you live in a cul-de-sac like I do you may be terrified of your crazy talkative neighbor stopping you for a conversation.  

You may do this step a few times before getting comfortable.  The first few times you may scan out the window to make sure no one is out there.  After a while, you won't care if anyone is in the neighborhood.

5.  Food delivery / Package delivery

Wear your tights around the house and order food for delivery.  Accept and pay for the food when it is delivered while in your tights.  The previous step conquered your fear of the possibility of seeing someone.  This one makes it a guarantee.  Even though this step only lasts for a couple of seconds, it generates a lot of fear and conquers it very quickly.  Remember this:  a delivery person's goal is to ring the bell, give you the food, get the money and leave because they have 10 other orders to deliver before they get cold.  They probably won't even notice you as much as they notice the numbers on your mailbox.  

6.  Drive through

This step is about conquering your fear of what may happen while you are in transit, and helps you have quick, meaningless, friendly conversations while you are in your tights.  Drive-through attendants don't want conversation, but this step allows your subconscious realize the tights aren't the elephant-in-the-room that your subconscious thinks it is.   

7.  Pick-up food

I like food, can you tell?  Order some food from a restaurant and go pick it up.  You are now forcing yourself to stand in public and have a conversation with someone.  It may just be telling them your name and paying for the food, but it is an important step.  Just remember your listening exercise at step 1 if you have to wait for the food.  Look around, get comfortable and do what you would normally do in that situation.  Remember, you are more comfortable than all the guys in the whole room.  

8.  Quick shopping destination

Convenience stores and grocery stores work great for this.  Park the car, head into the store, buy something, pay for it and leave.  It can be an item you have purchased dozens of times before.  No need to spend any more time than you normally do.  Milk, Toothpaste, paper products, a soda, medicine; it doesn't matter.  Be friendly and keep your head up and look around.  Remember the exercise in step 1 and move through the store as you would normally.  

9.  Browse shopping - Gym/workout

You're almost there; you got this.  This step forces you to think about things other than the fact you are wearing tights.  The tights aren't the most important thing about your whole day, and the goal is to forget you are wearing tights while going through your everyday tasks.  Full grocery shopping, gym workouts, and trips to the mall are perfect for this exercise. 

10.  Hang out

No, not what you think.  By now you are comfortable wearing your tights with family, and with strangers.  Now it is time for it to become part of your personal fashion.  Parties, time with friends, and just hanging out is the final step.  You can also start incorporating some style and color into your tights wardrobe.  Remember that it isn't about tights, its about being you.  

Now that you have tights incorporated into your fashion and wardrobe you will want to wear tights everywhere.  One last piece of advice is to be conscious of dress code.  Tights aren't acceptable style everywhere.  Offices and formal events are the wrong place to push the fashion boundaries.