I'll try anything once. If I like it, I will keep doing it without concern for what others think. That has led to my love of a wide array of activities: Bicycling, sewing, yoga, skiing, knitting and motorcycling are some of my favorite hobbies. As you may have guessed, this “try anything once” mantra has expressed itself into the clothing I wear.

While shopping for running gear in a local big-box sports store, the lack of choices really disappointed me. I could chose from long shorts, long pants or compression shorts. There were four or five brands to choose from, and all of them claimed to have the best technology in each of their garments. All the manufacturers used marketing words like “Max,” “Tech,” “Combat,” “Pro” and “Sport.” All models were black or navy blue with a dash of color placed somewhere on the leg so that it might create the illusion of making your muscles look bigger.

When I tried on the few pairs of running tights I could find, I discovered that the manufacturers of every pair forgot to design the tights for comfort: The fabrics were, scratchy, or the stitching was in the way of my movements. The fabrics themselves looked flat and dull. Worst of all, I needed to wear underwear, because none of the tights had any support between the legs.

I am open-minded, so I walked over to the women's section. I frequently wear women's running shoes because they fit me better. Why not try their running tights and see if this was also the case? When I arrived in the women’s section, my jaw dropped. The section was huge! There were dozens of running tights to choose from. Manufacturers of these brands used marketing words like '”reflective”, “sun protection,” “Wicking,” and “Functional.” There were solids in multiple colors and many prints to choose from. I tried a couple of pairs on, and some of the fabrics felt amazing. These fabrics and designs had much more variety than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, none of them had the support for the male body that I was looking for. So I passed on buying any.

I went home that day and began searching the web for men's tights. I was looking for something functional for running that had “male support”. My definition of this function and support is that it should wick moisture, provide compression to the muscles, and it shouldn’t require me to wear an extra pair underwear or a jock. In all my searches, I never found what I was looking for. There were several sites that offered unisex tights, but none designed specifically for men.

I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I picked up a sewing machine, and I learned how to use it. Soon, I began to design and sew my own athletic tights. Teaching myself these skills and developing my own design style was an adventure that lasted more than a year. I wore dozens of prototype designs around the house, and I ruined a lot of fabric. A lot.

I have designed a collection of athletic wear that is unlike any other brand. I have designed shorts, tights and leggings that facilitate performance, endurance and mobility. They appeal to men’s sense of style, and most of all -- they provide the built-in support that has been needed in these garments for a long time.

Quality matters, and I have set the bar high for the fabrics I choose to work with. I work with the best supplier and the greatest fabrics for yoga, running, swimming and everyday compression.

The end result is Jeffrey Scott Sportswear, a company that’s not afraid to cut to the chase and design specifically for men’s bodies and activities. Yes, we make leggings, shorts and tights, and they are unlike any others.

I have lived in a world free of fashion double standards and it is time to share it with the world. Ok, go.

This blog is a straightforward conversation about what are the best clothes for specific athletic activities, as well as a discussion about the double standard in men's fashion. I am ready to share my thoughts and experiences wearing what I want, despite what others think. I'm not alone. Men are ready to wear what feels good, and they are ready to wear clothes that support an active lifestyle without compromises. They are demanding more fabric selection, more color and pattern selection, and are wearing what they want.

I will also give insights into my journey of building a business, experiences from wearing what I want, and other things I feel like writing about. This is an exciting time for men’s athletic wear and fashion, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Stay safe and be who you are,

Jeffrey Scott


Jeffrey Scott Sportswear

For the race that year, I picked up some blue paisley tights from Running Funky. They were Awesome! They are still some of my favorite patterned tights and I love wearing them! I highly recommend taking a look at their site for some GREAT patterns!