Why do men dress like Nuns?

I have a penis and testicles.

There, I've said it.  I've come clean.  

As ridiculous as that sounds, it needed to be said.  When it comes to men wearing tights or compression shorts the standard of modesty has been to hide your package using a long shirt or baggy shorts.  People don't want to see that bulge in your pants.  

At the same time clothing that enhances or present women's breasts are completely acceptable.   Both are parts of our bodies that stick out and both are used for reproduction.  

Here are some visual comparisons:  

The nun has taken vows of chastity.  I assume the man has not.  Her clothes reflect her lifestyle and do not flatter her body at all.  Neither does his.  


These women are wearing the approved Amish fashion.  It minimizes their breasts in accordance with their belief that modesty is an expression of their humility.   Visually, it appears the man is trying to convey the same modesty.  

A quick google search for "women's shirts" gives these images.  These are the first 5 images that have a model or mannequin.  

The same search for "Men's Pants"

The women's shirts look nicely fitted.  They clearly show that women have shape.  The men's pants convey lack of any shape or contour to the crotch.  How is that comfortable or functional?  

You think Sports clothing is different?  Here's the first picture that shows when you search "Men's workout shorts".  

   <---Refer to the Nun pic above...

Why do men dress like Nuns and Amish? No reason.  

How about searching "Mens compression"?

None of these men are getting the support they deserve.  See this blog post on the science behind compression and chafing: https://jeffrey-scott.net/admin/blog/post/2  

I am a man.  I have a penis and testicles. I want my workout gear to be functional and comfortable.  

Choose comfort.  Choose stability.  Choose what you want, for you.