I buy a lot of fabric and make test tights before they are released.  Sometimes a fabric just doesn't make the cut and it is never released.  This is where the testing tights end up.  All test tights are made according to my fully quality specifications.  If you are a Medium (like me) then check back often for your chance to own a one-of-a-kind Jeffrey Scott.

Other reasons tights end up here:

  • Returns for sizing issues - There is only one available - No customization/ alterations available.
  • Fabric is not selling well - I'm clearing out my inventory.  These items are sewn to order.
  • Discontinuing fabrics - I'm clearing out my inventory. These items are sewn to order.

Grab it now!  JS Gear on sale won't last long.  

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Gay Camo

$48.00 On Sale
FACT: Gay guys can NOT see you when you wear these tights!  Color receptors in their brain get scrambled and you completely disappear.   Gay Camo tights are a fun and colorful way to make your statement.  They are bold, opaque, have a...
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Tie Dye

$49.00 On Sale
Wear these like jeans!  This Tie Dye is a vibrant print that you can wear any time.  They will match everything and will become your favorite jean replacement.  There is a slight sheen that makes them even better, and they have big stretch...
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Sugar Skull Print

$46.00 On Sale
You want to be noticed?  Sugar Skull tights are fearless.  Adventurous guys LOVE the colors and feel heroic walking into a crowded gym in these.  They are adventurous, opaque, have a great stretch with a matte finish.  Jeffrey Scott...
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