Shipping Delays

7-May-2020 Update:

My fabric suppliers have announced that they are now shipping fabric. However, of the MANY orders I have already placed, I have not seen shipment notification for any of them. Please keep in mind, some orders are as old as February.     

I will keep you informed as I begin receiving fabric and begin shipping orders. In the mean-time, I will sew your order as soon as I can, acknowledging that the backlog may take some time to return to normal.


I am continuing to sew customer orders while my manufacturers are still able to send me fabric.  Unfortunately, some of my fabric manufacturers are in places hit hard by COVID-19. 

Orders will be sewn and shipped if I have the fabric on-hand.  However many orders will experience delays in queue times.  As soon as I receive raw materials for orders the queue time will return back to normal.  


As always, you will receive a shipment notification (with a tracking number) as I ship your order. 

Thank You,

Jeffrey Scott